Artificial Intelligence Automation June 12, 2019 Customer Service Transformation: The Role of AI & Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)

When we think about the most impactful technologies in the last decade, one can argue that mobile and cloud have made the most impact on customer service (CS). The explosion of mobile phones was not just about a change in form-factor, but the emergence of the app economy has transformed expectations in the customer service …

Artificial Intelligence Automation June 2, 2019 RPA and AI: Business process automation gets smart

Organizations seeking to reap the full benefits of robotic process automation are beginning to see artificial intelligence as a key technology for optimizing their process flow.

Automation May 31, 2019 What You Need To Know About RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

So what is RPA? Well, first of all, the “robotic” part of the term is somewhat misleading. RPA is not about physical robots. Rather, the technology is based on software robots. They essentially are focused on automating tedious activities, such as in back offices. These include processing insurance claims, payroll, procurement, bank reconciliation, quote-to-cash and invoices.

Automation May 31, 2019 The Future of Work: The Rise of Workers Who Self Automate Their Jobs

Automation and the impact of AI on the workplace is happening now and it is not going away. In fact, McKinsey estimates that 15% of the global workforce or 400 million workers could be displaced by automation in the period 2016–2030.

Automation May 27, 2019 The 3 Evolutions of Bots for IT Service Desk Automation

In this article, we will discuss the three evolutions of bots for IT Service Desk automation in order of capability from basic to most advanced.

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