Web development proposal


Botware | May 3, 2019
Prepared for: Renata Landeros
Prepared by: Andres Lozano

about us

Botware is a team of experienced professionals qualified to meet any technological needs a business could ever require. Our purpose is to help the crazy, the passionate, the dreamers –  entrepreneurs, with what we know best, tech.

We use our coding skills to enable entrepreneurs to launch their projects, grow their reach, optimize the business, automate operations, and whatever is necessary to increase their success.

We define botware team members as result and quality oriented individuals. Our agile and transparent methodology allows us to be so and is central to our value proposition as software developers; it is what we believe makes us superior to the competition. 

Project overview

Kaolin Travel Wear, a new and innovative clothing designer, is on the brinks of their first product launch in México. In addition to its aesthetic brand and garments, a key driver of success for the startup will be the implementation of a well planned digital strategy, for which an e-commerce website is crucial. For these reasons we propose to develop a website that allows for product displaying, online order fulfillment, and customer service attention, as essential functional components, as well as a modern, stylish structure. As a result of this development project, we are confident Kaolin will be able to implement a sales & brand awareness strategy using top of the line marketing techniques such as social media, paid media, influencer marketing, viral content and more, translating into increasing website sales. 

  • Home
  • About Us
  • Contact
  • Shop
  • Sizing
  • Loading screen
  • WhatsApp Chat
  • E-mail Subscription 
  • Favourites
  • Shopping cart
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Credit Cards
  • Translate (English default, Spanish secondary)
  • Sizing tables (General or per piece) 

(Additional features): For their complexity in development efforts, the following features would come at an additional expense.

  • Analytics
  • Track my order 
  • Sizing calculator 
  • Cloud hosting 
  • CDN
  • Google Analytics
  • Thereformation.com
  • Sandro-paris.com
  • Kobamomo.mx


Testing and debugging
Deployment and Delivery
10-12 business days


Other costs: 

$5 USD/ month server fees, paid yearly.

Extra features quoted separately.

Next steps

1) Initial deposit (50%)

2) Collection of necessary material (Colours, logo, typography, images, icons)

3) Project start

4) Partial delivery in 5 business days

5) Collection of remaining data (Texts and photographs)

6) Reviews and adjustments

7) Full delivery 10-12 business days

Let's get started.